3-in-1 Installations Made For The VIP

We are passionate about bringing your event’s vision to life. Though the 360 Booth is a core element in achieving this, our vision is to continuously challenge the status quo. This is done by creating bespoke decoration and design installations that wrap the booth and captivate guests at first glance.

Guests are pleasantly treated to a 360 booth, photo op space, and an extended party area – 3 in 1.

The First and The Best

Being the first 360 brands in Europe to offer unrivaled wrap installations at scale, our designers take pride in working alongside you and your event planners to craft a fully bespoke, theme-based addition to your 360 Booth experience.

Although on average we rent out the 360 Booth for a minimum of 3 hours (yes, you can add more), our installations are set up for the entirety of your event. This means before and after your 360 videos are taken, your guests get to take amazing photos during the installation, and party there for the whole of the event.

Check out some recent examples of our in-demand wrap installations: