360 Photo Booth Wedding Rental

A recent study reported on couples preparing for a wedding highlighted that when finding services for their event needs, there was one key factor that influenced their final decision on any given supplier. It wasn’t pricing, distance, relationship with venue, social presence, or size of business that was the ultimate factor. It was peace of mind.

The overwhelming process of selecting the best teams and services can leave couples conflicted and drowned in the noise of long email threads, phone calls, and check ins.

That’s why we strive to take the load off your shoulders by simplifying the booking and onboarding process from start to finish with our 360 photo booth wedding rental.

Our staff focus on clear, concise, and responsive communication from first contact. From clean, visual breakdowns of our service range to easy-going consultations on a bespoke backdrop to compliment your 360 Booth, simply tell us your desired outcome for your wedding and let us take it from there.

We are passionate about bringing your wedding’s vision to life. Though the 360 Booth is a core element in achieving this, our vision is to continuously challenge the status quo. This is done by creating bespoke decoration and design installations that wrap the booth and captivate guests at first sight.

Check out some examples of our in-demand backdrop installations and get started with your 360 photo booth wedding rental: